Insurance Claims Attorney in Guntersville, AL

Paul Seckel Sept. 2, 2017

Has your life insurance been denied or delayed?

Attorney Paul Seckel of Guntersville Law, LLC will perform a free consultation and evaluation of your case. Call (256) 202-6774 to schedule your Life Insurance Case Evaluation!!!

If we cannot recover money for you, there is no fee. Life insurance can be denied for many reasons, let us help you recover the money your family desperately needs during this tragic time. Your loved one wanted to insure they left you well taken care of, and the insurance company they paid all those premiums to denied your life insurance claims. Let Paul Seckel of Guntersville Law, LLC recover that Life Insurance money so you can be taken care of financially like your departed loved one desired. Life insurance companies are in the business of denying claims, let us fight for your right to that life insurance money!!!

Common Reasons Life Insurance Claim Denied:

False/Incorrect/Omitted Information on the Life Insurance Application

Self Inflicted Causes of Death

Unpaid Premiums

Beneficiary Dispute

Employer Sponsored Life Insurance

Conversion Disputes

Hire a Life Insurance Lawyer to Represent You If Your Claim Is Denied! You Can Make Things Worse If You Try To Handle It Yourself. Call Attorney Paul Seckel at (256) 202-6774 for a FREE CONSULTATION!!!