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Two Parents Fighting Over Child In Divorce

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Children Caught in the Middle of a Divorce as Pawns


Many times, due to all the hurt involved in a divorce, moms and dads use their children as pawns to dig a knife in the other’s heart. However, your children did not ask to be born and they are the completely innocent parties in a divorce hearing. No matter how bad your husband or wife has hurt you, do not put the kids in the middle. It is important when your marriage fails that you remain an active part of your child’s life. Sometimes the court will make this easier if you and your soon to be ex-spouse can agree to share physical custody or make other arrangements to extend custody beyond the standard visitation.

Many Times in Alabama One Parent Can Be Alienated in a Divorce


Child support is calculated based on the number of children and the amount of money each person makes. For example, if you make $3,000 a month and your spouse makes $1,500 a month, then your total monthly income is $4,500. If you have 2 children, the total child support would be $1,052. In the example above, the party that makes $3,000 a month would be responsible for 67% of that child support and the party making $1,500 a month would be responsible for 33% of that $1,052. This translates into roughly $705 a month for the person making $3,000 and roughly $347 for the party making $1,500 a month. There are other factors that go into this such as insurance and daycare.

The Alabama Standard Child Support Guidelines can be viewed by clicking HERE


The answer depends on a number of factors such as whether you and your spouse can agree on property division, child custody, visitation schedules, etc. If you are wanting an uncontested divorce, once the paperwork is filed, you must wait 30 days before the judge can sign off on the divorce. Therefore, the quickest you can get a divorce is 30 days after the paperwork is filed with the Court. Additionally, there are some instances and judges that want to see you in a short hearing to ensure that the agreement is what you and your spouse are agreeing to for the divorce to be final. On the other end of the spectrum, a divorce can take years if it is heavily contested.

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